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Center for Information and Systems Assurance


Information Assurance work at K-State began with the early work by Dr. Banerjee and Dr. Schmidt in language-based security. When Dr. Ou joined K-State in 2006, he formed the Argus Group to conduct research in cybersecurity. Dr. Hatcliff, Dr. Robby, and Dr. Amtoft also developed new research programs in computer security and information assurance in the SAnToS Laboratory. Dr. Vasserman (SyNeSec lab) joined CISA in 2010, and took over as director upon Dr. Ou's departure in 2015. Drs. Amariucai (PITS lab) and Munir (ISCAAS lab) joined in 2017. Together, research projects and associated educational and outreach programs are all carried out under the CISA at K-State.