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NIH Grant Winner

Prof. John Hatcliff is a member of a team of researchers led by Dr. Julian Goldman of Harvard Medical School who has received a National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) Quantum Grant for $9.8 million. The prestigious NIBIB Quantum program funds projects that are viewed as "medical moonshoots" that can potentially achieve a profound (quantum) improvement in health care. Prof. Hatcliff will lead a group of KSU researchers including Assoc. Prof. Steve Warren (EECE), Assist. Professor Eugene Vasserman (CIS), Assoc. Prof. Robby (CIS), Prof. Gurdip Singh (CIS), and Assoc. Prof. Dan Andresen (CIS), and Prof. Virg Wallentine (CIS) in work on developing high-assurance middleware for integrating and coordinating medical devices in clinical workflows (KSU portion of funding is $375K).